Since 1986

•	 Clarify and Communicate Company Value
•	 Capture Customers
•	 Determine Optimal Business Models
•	 Identify and Initiate Intellectual Property Plans
•   Finalize Strategy and Business Plans
•	 Establish Initial Corporate Structure, Governance
•	 Outline Key Roles, Profiles, Compensation Plans
•   Forecast Resource Requirements
•	 Prepare Financial Models and Budgets
•	 Develop and Execute Funding Strategies
•  Manage Overall Corporate Development

Kelly & Company brings over 30 years of consulting and executive experience to early stage technology companies that sell primarily to utilities, telecommunications, and IT customers.  Services that Dave Kelly and his team provide include:

Kelly & Company can effectively deliver these services because they have worked with all participants in the utility, telecom, and IT industries: buyers, sellers, regulators, and investors.

Over the past 15 years, Dave has been a Partner with EnerTech Capital Partners, a venture fund investing in energy and clean energy technologies.  He advised or took interim executive positions with multiple early stage companies.  He was also the Co-founder, Chairman and CEO of Eleon Power, a chip-scale fuel cell developer.

For the preceding 15 years, Kelly & Company provided management consulting services to investor-owned, cooperative and municipal utilities; telecommunications and natural gas companies; plus federal, state, and local regulatory agencies.  Services provided included:

• Strategic and Business Planning

• Organizational Development

• Regulatory Strategies

• Marketing and Customer Segmentation

• Business Development

• Customer Services Management

• Operations Reviews

• Productivity Improvement

• Work Management

• Manpower Planning

• Project Management

• Materials Management

Prior to forming his own firm in 1986, Dave was a Partner with Theodore Barry & Associates, a management consulting firm specializing in regulated industries, and was Director of the firm’s Productivity Practice.  He has an MBA, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; and a BA, North Carolina State University.